Thursday, October 25, 2007

Welcome to My Blog

I have to say that seeing my first novel, The Ovum Factor, in print after months of writing, re-writing and more re-writing is an extremely satisfying experience. The disappointment from those initial rejection letters from literary agents and publishers seem like a lifetime ago. Feedback from my first hundred readers who were given advanced copy of the book has been extremely encouraging. Whether you care about the environment or just someone who enjoys an intelligent thriller, The Ovum Factor will appeal to you. Have you seen the video trailer for The Ovum Factor? If not, go to my website, I think it should give you a good idea of the pace and the theme of the book. I did most of the initial writing of The Ovum Factor in Rio de Janeiro as well as the Amazon when I took a three-month sabbatical from my work and family in 2006. The images and experiences written into the plot are based on firsthand exposure to the jungles and rivers as well as visits to the Indians living there. All my life, I have been an ardent supporter of the environment. It saddens and angers me to see how our society has not taken good care of our planet, Earth. What kind of a world are we passing on to our children and grandchildren? The Ovum Factor is in the thriller genre. But I would more accurately describe it as a high concept eco-thriller. A highly entertaining suspense novel interwoven with environmental, moral and philosophical issues. I wrote The Ovum Factor to help remind readers that our future ultimately depends as much on protecting the natural world as its survival depends on us.